The Virtual Curtain technology was developed by the CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency. Reflecting the novelty of this water remediation approach, the Virtual Curtain technology is covered by a family of Australian and international patents and is licensed exclusively to Virtual Curtain Limited (VCL), an Australian-based company. 


The Virtual Curtain technology involves the synthesis and application of hydrotalcites–a layered double hydroxide mineral. During their formation hydrotalcites can accommodate into their structure a range of contaminants and in so doing, constitutes a unique solution to water and wastewater management.

Crucially, there is a very high inherent concentration factor such that following the remediation of contaminated waters, transition metals such as copper and zinc and actinides such as uranium and daughter radionuclides may be present in percent concentrations in the hydrotalcite. 

These high concentration factors typically exceed those of lime by often an order of magnitude and allow for either reprocessing to recover element values or further stabilisation for long-term disposal.